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Blue, Blue Christmas

Blue Cheese is often revered for its cracked and cavernous blue veins. We have selected just some of our favourite Blue’s that go together hand in hand and create a delicious cheese selection! Barkham Blue is a creamy, slightly open textured cheese with a rustic rind and a yellow, moist interior streaked with blue veins, Dorset Blue Vinny is a handsome blue cheese from the heart of Dorset resurrected from a 300 year old recipe. Finally, we chose Colston Bassett Stilton for its consistent high quality and the subtle salty twang brought on by the blue veining.

Selection Contains:

Barkham Blue - 500g

Dorset Blue Vinny - 250g

Colston Basset Stilton - 250g

All of our selections include tasting cards with each cheese so you know what you're about to enjoy.


Code Description Weight Quantity Price Buy Item
2090 Blue, Blue Christmas 1kg