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The Tangy Trio!

Ever heard of cheese that could take a bite out of you?! Our Tangy Trio a features three of our favourite cheeses that promise a twang, zing or a bit of a bite that you might not find in most other cheeses. A great selection for those wanting to try some new flavours or maybe just looking for something a little different. Hidden beneath the red wax exterior of Red Devil is a furnace of blended chillies and crushed black pepper. Pickle Power is a fantastic flavoured cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese Company. Tiny chunks of pickled onion are mixed through this mature farmhouse cheddar that holds a creamy texture and the complimentary acidic twang. Finally we have Cornish Garlic Yarg, we love it’s bright green exterior that is wrapped in wide wild garlic leaves instead of the normal nettle leaves Cornish Yarg is usually wrapped in. The resulting flavour of the cheese is infused with the distinct bite of the wild garlic with a distinct and clean taste.

Selection Contains:

Red Devil - 375g

Pickle Power - 375g

Cornish Garlic Yarg - 375g

All of our selections include tasting cards with each cheese so you know what you're about to enjoy.

Selections are neatly packed in a no-frills box and will reach you in pristine condition, ready to indulge in. If you are looking to buy as a gift for someone, you can have selections presented in a beautiful wicker hamper for just an extra £10!

Code Description Weight Quantity Price Buy Item
2118 The Tangy Trio! 1.125kg
2294 The Tangy Trio! 1.125kg - In Hamper