Hamper, Wrapping & Box

With these bags it is possible to make a quick toasty in your toaster. Simply fill your toasty, put it in the ToastaBag and place it in the toaster. In about three minutes you will have a delicious toasty. Nice and crispy, with melted cheese or other ingredients of your choice. ToastaBags are clean because no cheese or crumbs are left behind.

The ToastaBag is reusable about 50 times. The bag is easy to clean - in the dishwasher or with warm water. Boska ToastaBags are also ideal for children (from 10 years and older). Without any spills, they can now make toasties easily themselves.

With the ToastaBags you can have endless creations. Put some slices of pickles between the cheese and ham with ketchup for instance. Or try a pita-toasty with chorizo and courgette.

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