Keens cheddar, Chorizo & Tracklements Chilli Jam Sarnie

Cheese & Chorizo Sandwich

Lets not be precious about this. Cheese is a food from the gods and should be enjoyed in even the most humble of iterations, none more so than in a sandwich.

Here we share one of the staple sandwiches here at JustCheese. The sandwich is one of the most universal meals in the world; every country has their own and styles and ingredients fluctuate from city to city, neighbourhood to neighbourhood.


100g of Keens Unpasturised Cheddar; or more if you fancy, there are no rules here!
50g of your favourite Chorizo - we like one with a spicy kick.
2 slices of doorstop thick bread; white or brown, we'll let you decide.
1tbsp of Tracklements Chilli Jam.

I'm sure you are all capable of making a sandwich - if not, it's a miracle how you got this far through life. Cut slices from your block of Keens Cheddar and lay them across one of your slices of bread; some people prefer to grate their cheese but we find you get more of Keens' powerful flavours when sliced.

Slice your chorizo to a desired thickness and layer on top of the cheese. Smear your spoonful of chilli jam on the remaining slice and stick on top of the chorizo (jam side down obviously) to complete this handsome specimen of a sandwich. Cut in half and enjoy!


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